Shipboard furniture catalog

Use the index below to navigate the US Navy's shipboard furniture catalog (SFC), then contact us to request a quote on any furniture items appearing in it. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are available in the selected furniture section of our store. Note: The SFC was created by Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station.



Beds and berths
Miscellaneous furnishings (lockers, wardrobes)
Lockers and stowage (cabinets, bookcases, safes)
Special purpose furnishings

Beds and berths

Beds and berths (officer)
B-1A-1 bed, cabin stateroom
B-1A-2 berth, officer
B-1A-3 berth, transom, officer
B-1A-4 berth, transom, with fold-away table
B-1B-2 berth, submarine, with lockers under
B-1B-3 berth, submarine, without lockers under
B-1B-4 berth, folding Pullman type

Beds and berths (enlisted)
B-1B-1 (page 1 of 5) berth, modular, lightweight
B-1B-1 (page 2 of 5) berth, modular, crew and troop, Types I–IV
B-1B-1 (page 3 of 5) berth, modular, crew and troop, Types V–VIII
B-1B-1 (page 4 of 5) berth, modular, CPO, Types X–XII
B-1B-1 (page 5 of 5) berth, modular, CPO, Types XIII–XV
B-1B-2 berth, submarine, with lockers under
B-1B-3 berth, submarine, without lockers under
B-1B-4 berth, folding Pullman type

B-1C-1 berth, hospital

B-1D-1 mattresses, ticking, and covers for berths and beds
B-1D-2 mattresses, innerspring, flame resistant, shipboard
B-1D-3 blankets and pillows, shipboard

Miscellaneous furnishings

Officer staterooms
B-2A-1 case, toilet article
B-2A-2 lavatory unit
B-2A-3 lavatory unit, submarine
B-2A-4 tables, night, Types A and B
B-2A-5 wardrobe, long, 24"
B-2A-6 wardrobe and file section, 24"
B-2A-7 wardrobe and file section, 36"
B-2A-8 locker, secretary and drawer section, 24"
B-2A-9 locker, secretary and drawer section, 36"
B-2A-10 drawer locker station, 36"
B-2A-11 chest of drawers
B-2A-12 wardrobes, double with/without drawer section, 36" and 42"
B-2A-13 wardrobe units S1 and S2, short hanging, submarine
B-2A-14 wardrobe units S3 and S4, long hanging, submarine
B-2A-15 secretary bureau unit S5, submarine
B-2A-16 drawer units S6, S7, S8 and S9, submarine
B-2A-17 locker units S10, S11 and S12, utility, submarine
B-2B-10 locker, clothes, Marine
B-2B-12 locker, ironing board

Enlisted berthing spaces
B-2B-1 mirror, full length, bulkhead mounted
B-2B-2 mirror, bulkhead mounted, shock-hardened
B-2B-3 berth curtain, track and suspension systems
B-2B-4 container, stowage, for emergency escape breathing device (EEBD) *
B-2B-5 lockers, soiled clothes
B-2B-6 locker, clothes, Type A
B-2B-7 lockers, overcoat, Types E and F, and uniform, Types G and H, CPO and Marine
B-2B-8 lockers, clothes, Type B-1, crew
B-2B-9 lockers, clothes, Type B-2, crew
B-2B-10 locker, clothes, Marine
B-2B-11 locker, clothes, troop
B-2B-12 locker, ironing board
B-2B-13 (page 1 of 2) lockers, clothing, Types 1–6
B-2B-13 (page 2 of 2) lockers, clothing, Types 7–12 *


Sofas, chairs and transoms
B-3A-1 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-2 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-3 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-4 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-5 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-6 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-7 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-8 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-9 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-10 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-11 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-12 sofa, corner unit
B-3A-13 sofa, sectional
B-3A-15 sofa, corner unit
B-3A-16 chair, lounge, swivel
B-3A-17 chair, lounge, reclining
B-3A-18 sofas and chair, lounge
B-3A-19 transom seats, Types I–VI, crew, submarine
B-3A-20 chair, lounge, Types 1 and 2

Arm chairs and side chairs
B-3B-1 chair, arm
B-3B-2 chair, arm, Type 1, Classes 1 and 2, Style A
B-3B-3 chair, without arms, Type 1, Classes 1 and 2, Style B *
B-3B-4 chair, without arms, oval back
B-3B-5 chair, without arms
B-3B-6 chair, with arms

Stacking and folding chairs
B-3C-1 chair, stacking, cast aluminum seat
B-3C-2 chair, folding, with table arm
B-3C-3 chair, folding
B-3C-4 chair, stacking, upholstered seat

Desk chairs
B-3D-1 chair, desk, swivel, tilt
B-3D-2 chair, desk, swivel, tilt
B-3D-3 chair, desk, secretarial, swivel, tilt
B-3D-4 chair, computer
B-3D-5 chair, computer

Booths and mess seats
B-3E-1 booths, mess, single and double
B-3E-2 chair, dining
B-3E-3 chair, arm, dining

Stools and benches
B-3F-1 bench with stowage under *
B-3F-2 benches with stowage under, padded
B-3F-3 stools, revolving, Types V and VA

Special purpose seating
B-3G-1 chair with writing tablet
B-3G-2 chair, primary fly control
B-3G-3 chair, operator's special purpose, non-magnetic
B-3G-4 chair, bridge wing, shock mounted, non-magnetic
B-3G-5 chair, bridge wing
B-3G-6 chair, helmsman
B-3G-7 chair, operator's
B-3G-8 chair, operator's
B-3G-9 chair, bridge wing, high back
B-3G-10 chair, bridge wing, low back
B-3G-11 chair and foot rest, pilothouse folding
B-3G-12 seat, surface lookout
B-3G-13 stool, spring loaded
B-3G-14 seat, folding, bulkhead mounted
B-3G-15 seat, folding, with arms, bulkhead mounted
B-3G-16 chair, folding, bulkhead mounted, non-magnetic
B-3G-17 chair, aviator ready room
B-3G-18 seating, training and lecture room
B-3G-19 barber chair (same as B-8A-3)


Dining and service tables (officer)
B-4A-1 sideboards and serving tables, modular
B-4A-2 table, dining, round top
B-4A-3 table, dining, portable
B-4A-4 table, dining/coffee, adjustable height

Mess tables (enlisted)
B-4B-1 tables, mess, portable, lightweight, crew
B-4B-2 table, mess, crew
B-4B-3 table, portable
B-4B-4 mess table with swivel seats
B-4B-5 stack table, dining

Lounge and recreation tables
B-4C-1 table, end
B-4C-2 tables, lounge
B-4C-3 tables, lounge
B-4C-4 tables, lounge
B-4C-5 tables, lounge
B-4C-6 tables, lounge
B-4C-7 table, coffee
B-4C-8 tables, coffee
B-4C-9 table, card, folding
B-4C-10 tables, recreation, Types I and II
B-4C-11 tables, lounge
B-4C-12 table, stowable, Types I and II

Work, writing and special purpose tables
B-4D-1 table, solid top
B-4D-2 table, folding
B-4D-3 table, solid top
B-4D-4 table, writing, with drawer
B-4D-5 table, writing, bulkhead mounted
B-4D-6 tables, chart, modular
B-4D-7 study carrel

Workstations and computer furniture
B-4E-1 terminal and printer stand
B-4E-2 multimedia stowage cabinets
B-4E-3 PC cabinet
B-4E-4 computer cabinet
B-4E-5 computer cabinets
B-4E-6 desk, computer


Flat top desks
B-5A-1 desk, flat top, double pedestal *
B-5A-2 desk, flat top, single pedestal *

Log and special purpose desks
B-5B-1 desk, standing, Types A and B
B-5B-2 desk, log, with hinged top
B-5B-3 desk, log, with drawer
B-5B-4 desk, log, drop leaf
B-5B-5 booth, telephone, and integral log desk

Lockers and stowage

Cabinets, cases and lockers
B-6A-1 locker, cleaning gear or battle dressing stowage
B-6A-2 cabinet, plan
B-6A-3 cabinet, form
B-6A-4 cabinet, stationery
B-6A-5 cabinet, key, Type A
B-6A-6 cabinet, key, Type E
B-6A-7 cabinet, liberty card
B-6A-8 bookcase, 48"
B-6A-9 bookcases, sectional, Types A, B and C
B-6A-10 cabinet, filing, Types II and IV
B-6A-11 cabinet, filing, with combination lock
B-6A-12 cabinets, napkin (capacity 30 to 50)
B-6A-13 cabinets, napkin (capacity 100 to 130)
B-6A-14 lockers, chronometer, Type A, B and C
B-6A-15 TV/stereo cabinet and bookcase
B-6A-16 cabinet, corner
B-6A-17 key cabinet, wall, high security
B-6A-18 cabinet, Class 6, special size, 2-drawer

Racks and shelving
B-6B-1 bookracks, Types I and II
B-6B-2 bookracks, Types A, B and C
B-6B-3 racks, magazine, Types A and B
B-6B-4 shelf for chain-dex book
B-6B-5 shelving, library

Safes and safe lockers
B-6C-1 safes, burglar-resisting, TL-30 and TL-15
B-6C-2 money safe
B-6C-3 safe, Class 6, plan file
B-6C-4 locker, safe, Type No. 3
B-6C-5 locker, safe, Type No. 4
B-6C-6 safe, Class 6, special size, 1-drawer
B-6C-7 safe, Class 5, plan file
B-6C-8 locker, safe, Type No. 8
B-6C-9 locker, safe, Type No. 10
B-6C-10 safe, Class 6, special size, millimeters, with interior locks
B-6C-11 safe, locker, Class 6, special size, millimeters, and TL-15
B-6C-12 safe, general purpose cabinet, Class 5

Special purpose furnishings

Medical and dental
B-7A-1 cabinet and locker for operating room and surgical dressing room
B-7A-2 cabinet, medical, with narcotics locker
B-7A-3 cabinet, bacteriological laboratory
B-7A-4 cabinet, oral surgical
B-7A-5 cabinet, medical supply or poison antidote
B-7A-6 locker, medicine
B-7A-7 locker, medical, portable *
B-7A-8 rack, clinical chart holder
B-7A-9 box, first aid *
B-7A-10 locker, hospital berth

Post office
B-7B-1 cabinets, post office, units Type A and D
B-7B-2 cabinets, post office, unit Type C
B-7B-3 mailbox
B-7B-4 counter, post office

Barber shop
B-7C-1 locker, supply, barber (same as B-8A-1)
B-7C-2 barber, back bar (same as B-8A-2)

Display and bulletin boards
B-7D-1 boards, bulletin, Types A and B
B-7D-2 dry erase board

Religious furnishings
B-7E-1 pulpit, portable
B-7E-2 locker, religious literature

Barber shop furnishings

B-8A-1 locker, supply, barber (same as B-7C-1)
B-8A-2 barber, back bar (same as B-7C-2)
B-8A-3 barber chair (same as B-3G-19)

* Available in the selected furniture section.